How to Blog More Effectively

Lorie Writing

In our last post, we gave some of you permission to free yourself from blogging peer-pressure. But, what if you actually *do* need a blog? Answering these basic questions will help confirm if a blog is right for your business:

Are you prepared to and capable of creating fresh, topical, exciting content about your business at least twice per month?

Do most successful comparable businesses use blogs to drive business?

Does blogging sound like fun, or does it bring back terrible memories of being in school?

If you’re ready to start blogging or need to freshen up an existing blog, here are some tips to avoid getting “blogged down”:

Do Your Homework
Before making your blog live, write one article per week for the next four weeks (or longer!) to see if this is something you actually enjoy and can really commit to. BONUS: You’ll have a reserve of articles in case you need to take a couple weeks off.

Commit To Posting
A blog that’s not regularly updated can leave a bad impression or even imply that you’re no longer in business! You’re more likely to get repeat readers when they know that you reliably post new content, and search engines favor sites that change regularly.

Know Your Numbers
How many hits are you getting? What’s the average length of visit? Where do your visitors go after they visit your blog? Are you getting referral links or syndication?

Invite honest feedback from people you trust. Better yet, pro tip: hire a professional! Remember the details – use relevant key search terms and remember to include links back to your site, to other relevant posts, or to schedule an appointment (depending on business type).

Keep It Interesting
Make your posts easy to skim, succinct, include anecdotes and high quality images that you have permission to use. Use your blog to address questions that you’re asked regularly and position yourself as an industry expert. If writing isn’t your forte, consider tutorial or interview style videos.